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      Tianjin Factory : No.1, No.1 Road, North Area of Jinghai Economic Development Zone,Tianjin P.R.C (301616)

      • Company News
      Innovation Drive Development Quality Cast Brand

      Innovation Drive Development Quality Cast Brand

      In recent years, Tianjin Goldsun devotes on special wire rope, taking technology innovation driving quality improvement. Through creating the platform combine the innovation and inheritance, applying on elevator, oil-drilling and crane etc. different area products, actualizing the many new breakthrough, awarded national and city honors, therefore achieved the new developing path of Innovation Drive Development and Quality Cast Brand.

      In 2013, Goldsun taking the enterprise culture building as the booster, quality improving as the acting point, in order to creating the learning environment, exploring the culture building connotation, breeding and set-up the advanced models, setting good examples to encourage the crowds and awarded fruitful results in multiple area. Within:

      ◆ Elevator wire rope awarded China Iron and Steel Association Metal Products Extra Best Quality Prize, which is the first batch of this honor, also is the only metal product of 22 kinds products from 12 enterprises in2011-2013.

      ◆ Test Center has passed the CNAS Audit (currently we have got the CNAS Certificate. Certificate No.:CNAS L6777).

      ◆ Company has been granted Tianjin New and High Technology Enterprise Certificate.

      ◆ GRS Elevator Rope has been granted Tianjin Famous Brand.

      ◆ Employee Reading Room has been granted Tianjin Employee Reading Room.

      ◆ Team A of stranding workshop has been granted Tianjin Fourth Team/Group Safety and Management Excellent Result Third Prize.

      ◆ Fu Chengxi, Stranding Operator, invented “Three Check, Four Precise, Six on position” operating method, which has been granted TIanjin Fourth Employee Advanced Operating Method. He was awarded Tianjin WUYI Labor Medal.

      ◆ 5 quality improvements were awarded Tianjin Quality Improvement excellent Result first or second prize.

      In 2014, Goldsun will continue following the philosophy of quality management, innovation, technical and quality excellence, product leadership, and people development. Devote ourselves in lean processes, Lean management, precise operating, elaborative service, in order to actualize High & profound objective and highest quanlity products!