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      Tianjin Factory : No.1, No.1 Road, North Area of Jinghai Economic Development Zone,Tianjin P.R.C (301616)

      • Company News
      SAC/TC196 & CEN/TC10 Technical Meeting Held in Tianjin

      SAC/TC196 & CEN/TC10 Technical Meeting Held in Tianjin

      --- National Elevator Standardization Technical Committee Chairman Li Shoulin and European Elevator Standardization Technical Committee Chairman Esfandiar Gharibaan etc. experts visited Goldsun and given High Evaluation

          Aug 13th to 14th 2013, SAC/TC196 and CEN/TC10 held a meeting in Tianjin, which is SAC/TC196 & CEN/TC10 Technical Meeting Aug 2013. Mr.Li Zhao from China National Quality Supervision Administration Special Equipment Inspection Bureau, Mr. Li Shoulin from SAC/TC196 and China Elevator Association , Mr. Esfandiar Gharibaan from CEN/TC10, Mr.Ian Jones of CEN/TC10 First Working Team, CEN/TC10/WG1/AH8 Convener Dr. Gerhard Schiffner, CEN/TC10/WG1/AH6 Covener Mr. Ari Kattainen, SAC/TC196 Secretary-General Mr. Chen Fengwang and other 44 experts from main elevator companies in China and science reserch organizations, paticipated this meeting. PALEA Chairman Mr. Ian Todkill and China Elevator Association Deputy Secretary-General Mr.Li Lexiang also paticipated this event as honored guests.

          In the afternoon of Aug 13th, all the experts, who paticipated this meeting, visited Tianjin Goldsun Wire Rope Ltd. Mr. Wang Huiqing, who is the Vice General Manager of Tianjin Bohai Steel Group and GM of Tianjin Goldsun expressed warm welcome and thanks for the experts visiting Goldsun. During the visit, Goldsun gave a brief introduction about the company at the beginning, then taking the experts watching the manufacture of elevator rope, new developed steel belt and Test & inspection Center. The working enviroment, manufacture processes, process control, people ability and product quality of Goldsun left a deep impression to the experts. Chairman Li Shoulin fully approved the huge contribution to the elevator industry from Goldsun, and thank Goldsun supplied high quality ropes for the development of the elevator industry in all these years, which helps the elevator industry developing. From his experieces, Goldsun is a specilized company who has the best condition and the biggest elevator rope making capacity. During this visit, Chairman Li Shoulin saw that Goldsun were doing trails on several new products, and he hoped Goldsun would research more good products and supplied more good parts for the development of Chinese elevator industry. After the visit, CEN/TC10 Chairman Mr. Esfandiar Gharibaan mentioned that Goldsun rope is a very important part for the safty of the elevator. He noticed that Goldsun focus on the safety and QC of the rope. Before his visit, he imaged that rope making workshop would be dirty and not organized. But after the visit of Goldsun workshop, he found that the working condition is clean and tidy, manufacture area is organized, working processes strictly follow the SOPs, people has high ability and management is professional. All these gave him a very deep impression. CEN/TC10 first team convener Ian Jones mentioned that the steel belt workshop left him a deep impression. He believed that the euqipments are advanced, workshop is clean and organized, operators working standardized and professional, the products manufacture based on the processes. All the experts believed that Goldsun is a elevator rope company with R&D, manufacture, technology&tooling, enviroment protection and professional & mordernized marketing and sales.

          Although the two days meeting is short, all the experts, who attended this meeting, have further understanding about new EN81-20/50, along with manufacture processes and process control of the elevator rope.